Script disabling itself

Why is this happening? Everytime I press Play, the my GameManager script and my PlayerController script keep on turning themselves off.
What is happening?

Hi, just in case someone comes back here, this happened to me and It had to do with the void Awake. See if you have something in void Awake that can be moved to void Start and it could fix your problem. gl.

do you have the networkmanager in the scene? i believe this disables gameobjects that have networkidentities attached to them

Okay, I fixed the PlayerController script from disabling itself by removing all the “instantiate” functions.
Why does this do anything though?

For me it was what @Danielisimo51 said:
It had to do with the Awake function. I got a NullReferenceException in Awake. This disables my script.
Two possible fixes: Use the Start function instead or fix the NullReferenceException.