script execution

hi i was just wandering if i use something like this

var hitInfo : GameObject;

 if(touch.phase == TouchPhase.Began && hit != hitInfo){

 hitInfo.transform.localScale.x  = 0.7;    // this line will always run before
 hit.collider.transform.localScale.x  = 0.8;
 hitInfo = hit.collider.gameObject;              //this line

the top line will always execute before changing the object on the bottom line

basically my script just changes the scale of a hit object and then changes the scale back when a different one is selected, but i need to make sure that the scale of the object is back to normal before saving the selected object as a variable.

there is a lot more to this script and all i am asking for is confirmation or how to make sure this does not fail… it is in an update function and must remain in the same function. so it can not be put into a lateUpdate

I’d think it was a pretty safe bet.