script for animation play

Hi!! Im learning scripting slowly and I’m trying to make a reload script from scratch! but for right now I just want the animation. I have the animation, (gun_reload) but my script is not quite right. can some one give some pointers?? here is my script.

function Update ()

but I dont know what to put between the (“reload”)) and animation.Play to play the animation every time the reload button (r) is hit? P.S. I have the button set up correct. thanks for your time

You wrote "(Input.GetButtonDown(“reload”), that your problem.
You need to write this:

if (Input.GetKeyDown("r"))

In GetButtonDown you can’t use all the key on the keyboard, you can use buttons like “Jump” or “Vertical”, “reload” in not include in that group. If you want to use any key on your keyboard you need to use GetKeyDown, it allow you to use all the keys on you keyboard.

Sorry for poor english…