Script for counting number of Turrets and when I destroy all of them I go to the YOU WIN seine

hey this is my final question for the Worm game I am making. Here's the Question. Is their a script that can count all the enemies that I have which are 35 and when I destroy all of them I go to my. YOU WIN seine. Also, is their a way to make my game an .EXE file so even if people that don't have UNITY 3D they can play it. THANKS

To answer your first question.

function Update () {
    var enemies : GameObject[] = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Enemy");
    if(enemies.Length <= 0)

To use that tag all your turrets "Enemy" and when the die, destroy them or place another placeholder object in that isn't tagged enemy.

The second question: Go to "File/ Build Settings" and drag your scenes to the scenes window, select the file type you want to build it as(Windows Standalone) and hit Build.