Script formatting broken

I’m having a strange issue with Monodevelop. I don’t really know what happened, but ever since a few days ago, the color formatting is broken on one of my scripts. This wouldn’t be a big deal, however, I cannot find references, see declaration, or refactor past line 100. When I add new code, it holds onto the formatting of old lines (see image below).

The main issue here is that it slows me down when I’m looking for references to variables to make sure loose ends are tied up. My project is fairly large.

I have tried rebuilding, cleaning, and building several times. I’ve tried restarting Unity and Monodevelop, and I’ve deleted the meta file to see if that would help, but to no avail. And no, my code does not have any errors or warnings, it all runs perfectly fine.

Can anyone help me trigger a re-formatting? It seems like it has cached something about my script and won’t create a new “format”, or whatever it might be called.

Line 101, perfectly fine. Proper formatting.

Line 102, doesn’t detect a variable, can’t find references, declarations, and cant refactor. Improper color formatting on line 118.

your intelissence is broken
it is a common problem
what is your unity version? i have seen it a lot in 4.3 to 4.5

go in the project folder, and remove all files that were at the root without touching any of the Assets, Library, Project Settings or Temp. Delete all the .sln, .unityproj and .csproj files. Then back in Unity, Sync the MonoDevelop project from the Assets menu. And everything is back to normal.