Script Help Scene Complete Level

I’m wanting to create something like this:

I Have a game object, like a cube, Which you can walk through, so no collider, Anyway, i want when you go in the cube (Finished level cube) then a cutscene movie shows, a mobile texture or something, But after the movie finishes i need it to load Scene2 or the scene i assign in the inspector.

I’m completly stuck, can anyone help me out?, i think its simple, but i’m not a great scripter.


You can give the cube a collider and set it to trigger, so you can check for the collision via,

public MovieTexture movTexture;
void OnTriggerEnter(Collider trigger)
void StartMovie()
renderer.material.mainTexture = movTexture;

I haven't used movie textures till now but the reference helps. With

if (!texture.isPlaying){

you can check if the movie is still playing or its finished, and when its finished for example you can use

int nextLevel = Application.loadedLevel+1;

to load the next level.