script linking

i have a script in which you have to press a numerous amount of 3d text and then the text changes color and when there all pressed it tells this script

static var full = 0;
var levelToLoad : String;

function Update () {
full = 30;


and a new scene will load. What do i have to add to the 1st script to make this work??

create an empty game object and call it “clickTracker”. After you’ve created the game object, drag and drop the above script onto that game object.

In your other script that detects the clicking put this:

private var clickTracker:YourScriptName;

function Start()
     clickTracker = GameObject.Find("clickTracker").GetComponent.<YourScriptName>();

// onClick Action

on your above script, you need to change the line:

static var full = 0;
// to
public var full = 0;