Script loads font, how do I change the color?

I’m loading the font like this:

Font fontNormal;
    GUIStyle gsNormal;

void Start()
	fontNormal = Resources.Load("FontNameOfSomeKind", typeof(Font)) as Font;
	fontNormal.material.color = new Color(1f,1f,1f); // this does nothing?

	gsNormal = new GUIStyle();
	gsNormal.font =  fontNormal; // same with default Arial font...
	gsNormal.fontSize = 50;
	gsNormal.alignment = TextAnchor.MiddleCenter;
	gsNormal.fontStyle = FontStyle.Normal;


Nothing, the text is black. Not white or any other color.

I dont use GUI Text as component, but the GUI.Box like this:

void OnGUI()
	float width = Screen.width;
	float height = Screen.height;
	Rect textline = new Rect( width/2-400, 20, 800,50);
	GUI.Box(textline, "here is my WHITE text - I thought?",gsNormal);

My bad.

I forgot that color is a part of the Normal attribute on a GUIStyle.

So for others who doesnt know or have forgotten like me:

  gsNormal.normal.textColor = Color.White; // thats how simple it is... *sigh!*

Test comments for something that I want to do.