Script makes Text objects instead of TextMeshProUGUI

HI, I’m using TMPro and Inventory Master.
Inventory Master makes text for stackable objects which displays the number of items you currently have. The problem is, I changed every line of “Text something;” and “GetComponent” to “TextMeshProUGUI” to a point where I don’t even have any “Text” in any of my scripts. But when the Inventory generates the Objects for the items, I’m stuck with the ugly blurry rendered Text that comes with Unity, and there are no errors. The thing is, if I make the Text from the TMPro option, everything’s fine, but if the scripts tries to generate the TextMeshProUGUI, it doesnt work.

    public Item item;                                       //Item 
    private TextMeshProUGUI text;                                      //text for the itemValue
    private Image image;

    void Update()
        text.text = "" + item.itemValue;                     //sets the itemValue         
        image.sprite = item.itemIcon;
        GetComponent<ConsumeItem>().item = item;

    void Start()
        image = transform.GetChild(0).GetComponent<Image>();
        transform.GetChild(0).GetComponent<Image>().sprite = item.itemIcon;                 //set the sprite of the Item 
        text = transform.GetChild(1).GetComponent<TextMeshProUGUI>();                                  //get the text(itemValue GameObject) of the item

That’s practically the entire script that creates the Text object that shows the number of items (value), and I added “using TMPro;” at the start.
I’m completely clueless…

Fixed, turns out the script was using Prefabs and I didn’t know.
The prefab had the Text component, I changed it to TMProUGUI and now everything’s working fine.
Lesson learned, be aware of everything and check what everything is for.