script on this behavior is missing. where is the behavior :)?

i have 2000+ objects in my scene , how can i find the behavior to remove the missing script :slight_smile:

If you double click on the warning message, it will highlight the game object. After that just look in the inspector to see which component is missing its script.

You can tell which object the monoscript is on by double clicking the error. The object will flash YELLOW in the Project Window. However, each monoscript errormay appear on the same object causing some confusion.

Check the prefabs for missing behaviors.
When loading the scene, Unity first loads the game object from a prefab, then creates a specialized copy of it for the scene. So you might have deleted something off an instance but did not remove it from the prefab.

Unity’s dubugger does not reflect the error correctly in this case. I’m guessing it is because the reference that created the error doesn’t exist any more.