Script only loading after play/build?

I’ve just started developing in unity over the past few days and something bizarre just happened recently. Usually when I double click on a script, change it in monodevelop, and save it, I can hit the play scene button in unity and it will work fine. However, recently when saving a script, I have to play the scene twice (or build and run the game twice) before any change is made???

For example, if I have a line that says:

public int foo = 5;

and I change it to 25 and save… when I look at the object in inspector it will still say 5 and will look that way when I play the scene. But when I stop playing the scene, it will change to 25.

If you make a slight value change in your script that was already attached to a gameobject/prefab in your scene and you want that default change to reflect in the serialized object in scene… after your script change, goto the gameobject/prefab and click the cog next to the attached script and click reset. This will change all the values for that script to the default declared values in the script.