Script Reference Problem...

Hello everyone!

I am recently getting an error telling me a script reference is missing. Normally when those appear is when I’ve removed a script that was attached to an object. And Unity guides me to that object quite well.

However recently I have gotten the same message but without a reference in the console.
The message that displays says

The referenced script (Unknown) on this Behaviour is missing!
And it does this about 60 times in the console.
After all of those messages I get 2 messages saying
No script asset for GameObjectSelectionItem. Check that the definition is in a file of the same name.

I have gone through every single object in my scenes, and every single prefab in my folders. Yet I can’t find it anywhere, where a script is missing.
What I did notice however!
Was that this only occured to me while in playmode. And only if I had switched my target from Windows to Android. And I need it to be on android because that’s where this game is going.

So why do I only get this message on Android as target. And not as Windows? How do I solve it?

Thanks a lot!

One of you monobehaviour classes may have different name as their file name. Check all filenames to be exactly the same as your monobehaviour class names. Also there may be a bug with solution. Remove all .sln files from you project and reopen Visual Studio.

EDIT: Check all scenes if they contain gameobjects with missing references/ deleted scripts