Script to create instance from in inspector

I have a class, SplineController, which I want to allow to have different types of splines to be used for different purposes (as they have different properties). All my spline classes implement an interface, ISpline.

public class SplineController
    public ISpline positionSpline;

    public void Start()
        // Obtain SplineControllerWaypoint objects and add points to the ISpline
        SplineAnimationControllerWaypoint[] waypoints =
        foreach (SplineAnimationControllerWaypoint waypoint in waypoints)


Now I would like to specify which script to use to create the instance of ISpline from through the inspector. What is the way to select the script and create the ISpline instance from there?

If you have an instance of "SplineController" in the game, it should have a field for your public ISpline. Drag and drop the ISpline you want to reference onto that game object like you would any other component reference.

If you want to do it dynamically (through scripting), you'll have to probably do GameObject.Find or .FindWithTag and GetComponent();

In order for that to work ISpline can't be an interface (the ISpline property is not visible), but must at least inherit from UnityEngine.Object. If I do that, I am still not able to drag or select a script onto the property field (there is nothing to select).

I have managed to get it up and running: - Made ISpline and an abstract base class, which inherits from MonoBehaviour - Hide the spline property in the inspector - Users must add ISpline implementations to the same game object the spline controller is added to. - SplineController uses the first ISpline implementation found