Script to face the direction of the mouse only on the LocalPlayer?

So my player controller script works fine on the host side of my multiplayer game, but when I run a build and connect as a seperate client, the client shoots in whatever direction the mouse is according to the host. Here is my script. Also if I remove the Destroy(this); and just leave return; the client is stuck shooting straight up. Any help is appreciated and please let me know if anymore details are required.
Error message:
Found no behaviour for incoming [Command:InvokeCmdCmdfaceMouse] on Player(Clone) (UnityEngine.GameObject), the server and client should have the same NetworkBehaviour instances [netId=4].

void Start()
    if (!isLocalPlayer)
    //character base speed
    speed = 50;
    //setting health
    baseHealth = 200;
    //health modifiers here
    health = baseHealth;
    //Get and store a reference to the Rigidbody2D component so that we can access it.
    rb2d = GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>();

void FixedUpdate()

    if (health <= 0)


void CmdfaceMouse()
    Vector3 mousePosition = Input.mousePosition;
    mousePosition = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(mousePosition);

    Vector2 direction = new Vector2(
            mousePosition.x - transform.position.x,
            mousePosition.y - transform.position.y);

    firePoint.transform.up = direction;


You need the isLocalPlayer tag on the code for the actual direction handling and SyncVar the rotations. Alternatively handle this in a Non-networked script and output the results to a separate Networked and SyncVar’d script.
Default behaviour then is to read the rotations from the network unless that object is the local player.

It appears that you are using isLocalPlayer to Destroy the script when not the local player. This causes a difference in the number of existing Networked scripts across the system and the system throws a fit. The number of networked scripts should remain consistent across each device for networked objects.