script to save and load a game

question; for saving and loading a game i use yhe XML class but thats for in the game. When the player starts the game for the first time he can save it in the game. And then he quits the game. The next hour he starts the game up and he wants to load his saved data. but from the main menu not in the game . Is there a way to do that ?

Yes, there is a way to do that. But you need to do it yourself, there is no built-in Unity function to save and load games, and there is no magical script that can do it for you. Why? Because all games that are made with Unity require different types of save/load functions, so it's not really possible to create a unified solution for saving and loading games. Thus, I cannot provide a more specific answer as you make no mention of what kind of game you're creating.

Short answer: Yes. It's possible. You just have to do it yourself. try that :)

With all the activity requesting help for Save/Load scripting help it seems agenerous individual that wants to help the newbie community could perhaps block out some pseudo code that could be general enough to provide meaningful help. If that is not practical perhaps a better, more complete answer than “it’s not practical” could be offered.