Script updater failed to produce updates.txt file

I have been looking and testing and wondering what the hell is going on and why I can’t build my game anymore. I’ve built this project before and it worked just fine, I’ve tried building other projects and they work just fine, but when building this project now, it fails and I get this error

Script updater for Library\Bee\artifacts\1900b0aP.dag\Assembly-CSharp.dll failed to produce updates.txt file

Does anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this error?

I have the same exact issue with the same exact error.

Did you ever find a solution @MrAwesome343 ?,I have the same issue - my unity build errors in the same exact way

You could try rebuilding the whole Library folder. If you close Unity then in your file explorer navigate to the root folder for your project, you should see the “Library” folder. Deleting that will cause Unity to rebuild all your packages next time you launch the project.

I got the same error and I’m trying to fix it right now. Idk if we can ping a moderator or something.
The only difference is the path I’m getting Script updater for Library\Bee\artifacts\2000b0aE.dag\Assembly-CSharp.dll failed to produce updates.txt file. If you somehow found a way to fix it please tell me, I can’t do anything in my project!