Script works in editor - not in build

Okay, yes I know, this again..but what I've come across via the forum and here, doens't really help me...

Most suggestions point towards reimporting everything...remaking the objects and applying everything, but it always comes back to the same point...working perfectly in the, nothing wrong in the log files..then it just doesn't work in the build.

I'm having an issue with the Flocking script in particular. I've re imported everything.. gone through the process of remaking the gameobjects.

The biggest issue I'm having though that the script doesn't even work in a build that's compiled straight from the demo that is supplied, so could it be an issue with unity players and this particular script? I haven't come across a similar issue, so its strange that it happens with this...

The package can be found here...

I guess what I'm asking is this, could someone with 5 minutes try and build from the boid demo and see if it works in a standalone player?

I've AppZapped unity, redownloaded, reinstalled, reimported, checked the build log, which it appears as using 1kb (or similar) and 0.0% of resources, so 'something' is loading, but that data amount is the lowest it could be without being nothing...

Thats all I have to go on

thanks again, Russ.

I just downloaded the package. I created a new Unity project with no standard assets included. Imported your package, built a stand alone windows EXE, and it worked fine.

I could see the black objects flying around in the standalone build.

This was using Unity 2.6 on Windows XP SP3. The only errors I can see are about inconsistent line endings in "Boid Flocking.js" and "Boid Controller.js", which you should probably fix just to rule that out, but shouldn't be causing the problems you've described.

Also, it's generally not a good idea to use spaces in your script names, because these translate directly to the MonoBehaviour class names which shouldn't have spaces in. Again, I don't think this should be causing the problems you've described, but it might be worth fixing just to rule it out.

For reference purposes, I ended up solving this... it's quite embarrassing really...

About 2 weeks ago I decided to clean up my project hierarchy, moving things around, putting things in specific folders etc... this seems to have been the problem.

I noticed that all 'original' scripts (that 'come' with Unity) ran fine, it was everything that I've added since which didn't..

I moved everything into the standard assets folder, with all the 'working' scripts, as I assumed if they're being called from there, it shouldn't be an issue...

a quick build later and everything worked.

thanks for the suggestions though, it helps with ruling out certain possibilities!

Okay about the namespaces. NEVER use namespaces in Script filenames if you are targeting Flash. My scripts with namespaces worked in webplayer and stand-alone but not in FlashBuilds.