Scriptable Objects are secure in multiplayer?


I have and script that derives from Scriptableobject, and with this i can create items for the game. The script for now, contains just a bunch of public variables, like name, sprite, damage, and so.

The game is multiplayer (unet), i’m doing this project to learn multiplayer system on the fly.

My doubt is: using scriptable objects is secure (because its multiplayer)? i mean, the items created have their variables public, how easy is to hack that? Is there a way that the server checks the “original” items and always check this values with the players items values?

Excuse me if I have not explained correctly.


that public or private is not about security ;

its just about scripts got access to each other variables;

for security u need to do many other things;

if u want to secure your files there are already some packages in asset store u can use ;

but as long as i know scriptable objects are as much secure as other parts of the unity ( not secure at all );