Scriptable Objects not present in Built Version


I’m working on a game where the palette of the level changes depending on the music that is playing. As such, I’ve created a scriptable object called “Palette” that holds a bin of 11 colors.

[CreateAssetMenu(fileName = "new Palette",menuName ="Palettes/Palette")]
public class Pallette : ScriptableObject
    public Color[] Colors;
    private void OnEnable()
        hideFlags = HideFlags.DontUnloadUnusedAsset;

The Palletes Modify Numbered materials in the scene using this PaletteManager, which just uses the name of the track playing to change the palette.

The problem is, however, that the palettes do not seem to carry over into the built versions of the game. The Palette management system, Varying palettes, etc. all work int he editor, but when I go to build, the built version does not swap palettes, and in the makeshift runtime console I have, it says that the palettes are null.

I Discovered the Issue. Apparently, I Added an extra L in the name of the file, causing some internal issue.