scriptableobject self-reference in its code

Similar to referencing gameObject in a script to have access to the GameObject that a script is attached to;
I would like to reference the ScriptableObject instance from within the code of the ScriptableObject. The keyword “this” does not seem to get me what I am looking for.

@RobAnthem and @coeusueoc you guys are of course right; looking in the debugger I see that “this” does match the class it is referenced in.

I think my problem is one of inheritance but I have ended up with a weird state in which the variable and value are of the same type but the assignment fails - note that aSub.subscribedEvent remains null even after the assignment attempt, despite the fact that the types match (EventFrameChange). I think I need to post a new question, but am not even sure what to ask.
Btw if one of you wants to change your comment to an answer I will choose it.