ScriptableWizard and Gizmos


I made a custom ScriptableWizard and wanted to draw Gizmos while it was active, so I defined the following function inside my class (c#):

void OnDrawGizmos()
    Debug.Log("draw gizmo");
    Gizmos.DrawCube(new Vector3(0,0,0), new Vector3(1,1,1));

But even when the wizard is active there are no Debug messages and no Gizmo is drawn. So I was wondering what I was doing wrong... ;P

Thanks in advance

Is the scene camera looking at <0,0,0>? The best way to check is to position an object there and make sure the camera can see it. If you still don't see the cube, there could be another problem.

Check you don't have any script compilation errors. If this code was added since the last successful compile, it won't be included in the current wizard you see.

Note that this includes ALL compiling issues in your project, not just the script containing this code. If there are any compilation errors at all, Unity will revert to the last successful code compile.

That's about the only thing I can see possibly wrong with this right now, and I point it out as it has happened to me a couple of times before.

It’s a know bug. A quote from the forums by Shawn, a Unity employee: " this is a known problem. We have no ETA on a fix yet… :frowning: "

Make sure you didn't accidentally "un-render" the mesh for the missing object. It may sound obvious, but you never know. That would be something I'd do by accident. lol.