Scripted Animation Not Playing

I have created animation by using script.
I want to create an animation of camera between texts which are generated at random locations.
This is my script.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic ;
[RequireComponent (typeof(GenerateTexts))]
[RequireComponent(typeof(Animation) ) ]
public class CameraAnimation : MonoBehaviour {
	private List<GameObject> texts;
	private List<TextMesh> textMeshes;
	public bool done=false;
	void Update(){
		if (done == false) {
			textMeshes = new List<TextMesh> ();
			texts = this.gameObject.GetComponent<GenerateTexts> ().generatedTexts;
			foreach (GameObject o in texts) {
				textMeshes.Add ( o.GetComponent <TextMesh>());
			AnimationCurve curvex = new AnimationCurve();
			AnimationCurve curvey = new AnimationCurve();
			AnimationCurve curvez = new AnimationCurve();
			for ( int i = 0 ; i < texts.Count;i++){
				curvex.AddKey (new Keyframe(i*2,texts*.transform.localPosition.x));*

_ curvey.AddKey (new Keyframe(i2,texts.transform.localPosition.y));_
_ curvez.AddKey (new Keyframe(i2,texts*.transform.localPosition.z));
AnimationClip clip = new AnimationClip();
clip.SetCurve(“”, typeof(Transform), “localPosition.x”, curvex);
clip.SetCurve(“”, typeof(Transform), “localPosition.y”, curvey);
clip.SetCurve(“”, typeof(Transform), “localPosition.z”, curvez);
this.GetComponent().AddClip(clip, “anim”);
done = true ;
Debug.Log (“executed”);

Please tell me why animation is not running?
I am waiting for trillion of micro seconds. No answer?

Thanks for not posting anything.

The problem is solved!