Scripted NPC movement inside the editor

I want to make very simple scripted NPC movement, i.e. when some event happens, I want to make some NPCs move to a different position, and possibly do some rotations along to way or when they arrive.

Is the only way to do this with manually programmed transform.Translate()? This seems extremely cumbersome. If I have some locations in my several points in my scene that I want the NPCs to traverse, then I would have to somehow find the coordinates of those point to calculate the transformations. I don’t even know how I would do that, because I plan out the movement visually in scene view, i.e. I know that I want the NPC to move to this spot in the room, but I don’t know the coordinates of the spot.

Is there any way to, say, record transformations done in GUI and then activate those later when an event is reached? I mean is there any way to make scripted NPC movement inside the editor GUI?

See this: unity npc waypoint movement
For example, you can drop empty gameobjects in the Editor to serve as their destination stops (waypoints). There are many examples and methods to choose from.