Scripting Basics

hello… sorry i’m too much posting something not important here. but i have very very high curiosity with unity scripting . :slight_smile:
this script that i can’t found at unity forum (maybe) neither unity answer.

  1. how to make a volume script ?
  2. how to make a mouse pointer
  3. how to make a save game ?
  4. how to make a chat box ? if you press enter, then the box will appear and you write something, then it will write in the game side position for 5 seconds

okay just that
please answer … :frowning:
thanks for the answer :smiley:

Hey mate,

i suggest you start right here at the Scripting Reference Unity - Scripting API:

When you’ve got a basic overlook over using Scripts, you could have a look at these examples :

Hope i helped