Scripting Complications

I've attempted my hand at scripting, but I found it overwhelming. Are there any good tutorials that can give me a better concept of scripting in Unity?

There are lots of tutorials out there so it might be a little bit hard on where to begin. I would suggest you to begin with the two tutorials directly from the Unity team. This will give you an idea on how Unity works and how cool it is.

Afterwards if you can find the Unity Game Development Essentials book it would be perfect. This book is very easy to read and it assumes that you don't have any previous experience with programming, scripting or 3D games in general. You will have a really good overview on what you can do with Unity and how far you can go. In more details after finishing this book you will have a complete game called Survival Island within a week:

  • First Person Controller
  • Island made entirely by you (trees, grass, mountains, sea, volcano...)
  • Lights and Shadows
  • Collecting things (using triggers)
  • Opening/closing doors (using animations)
  • Throwing Coconuts (using physics engine)
  • Importing assets
  • Lighting fires with smoke (using Particle Systems)
  • Playing sounds and music
  • Designing the Menu (using 2D GUI)
  • Building and sharing your game!
  • ...

Unity Answers will be also one of your best friends, but you have to read the faq, because it's not a Forum and it works a little bit differently. The most important things are that:

  • UnityAnswers is a place for questions that can be answered! Avoid asking questions here that are subjective, argumentative, or require extended discussion.

  • Unity Forums is a place for discussions, opinions, showing off your work, getting feedback, and general community chatter.

Good luck and have fun!

If you know nothing about programming/scripting I would have you read

something like these links:


How programming works

that can give you some valuable information about what variables are, why you need to store them etc. That will help you understand the Unity documentation better. Programming can take some time to learn, but the possibilities are endless. Best of luck!

I recommend watching Will Goldstone's training series as a starting point. He explains everything at a nice rate for beginners. It's what I used to start learning Unity.


we can all help you :-) , but you need to start. when you face difficulties , post your specific questions here and i am sure they will get answered. its not that hard

heres something for you to get started

This Unity forum post is REALLY good for learning some Unity scripting basics: