Scripting error comes up when I press play

can anyone tell me why this doesn’t work? it’s the tornado twins turret script. I was using it for the last few months and everything was fine. It’s just sepose to rotate to the player and shoot

this is the error
EnnemyTurrent1.Shoot (System.Object seconds) (at Assets/GameFiles/Scripts/_scripts/EnnemyTurrent1.js:26)
EnnemyTurrent1.Update () (at Assets/GameFiles/Scripts/_scripts/EnnemyTurrent1.js:16)

this is the script

var LookAtTarget : Transform;
var damp : float = 6.0;
var bulletPrefab : Transform;
var savedTime = 0;

function Update ()
          var rotate = Quaternion.LookRotation(LookAtTarget.position - transform.position); 
          transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.rotation, rotate, Time.deltaTime * damp); 
          var seconds : int = Time.time;
          var oddeven = (seconds % 2);


function Shoot(seconds)
          var bullet = Instantiate(bulletPrefab,transform.Find("spawnPoint").transform.position , Quaternion.identity);
          bullet.rigidbody.Addforce(transform.forward * 1000); // Put this -> savedTime=seconds;



Either you haven’t put something in the bulletPrefab or the thing tht this script is attached to doesn’t have a child object called spawnPoint. (With a lowercase s as the first letter)