Scripting help (tutorials - where to find)

Ok. I’m under eighteen and trying to get an EASY answer here. I know nothing about scripting. Nothing. Not where I should put a semicolon or a parentheses, no command words, nothing. I need the absolute basics. The tutorials on the unity website all assume that basic knowledge. And if anyone tells me how I shouldn’t ask for help like this cuz I don’t learn and blah, just think. Under eighteen, designing games and just trying to find a LITTLE HELP!

Ha! I felt the same way when I started last year! I’m 15 now and I know a good amount. If you need help, email me with some specifics on what you want to learn. At

I could teach you anything from the basic syntax to scripting a full game.

and the best first teacher in this case would be the TornadoTwins on YouTube:

Try to follow this little series. It will help you to understand the basics of unity and programming.