Scripting Issue. Class and File Name

Okay I have a really pain in the ass problem in Unity lately (or ever since I started). Every script I create, once I attach it to say my player, it says “cant add script behaviour ______. The scripts file name doesn’t match the name of the class defined in the script.”
Now I know this means my file name and class name are different USUALLY. But i write them in exactly the same. I’ll send two pictures within showing the class name and the file name.can someone please help me. Im really nterested in scripting.

alt text

Are you sure that you don’t have some critical compiler errors in your console? If so, your scripts probably aren’t even compiled yet.

Make sure when you click on the clear button in your console window that the window is empty. If there are any errors pending, fix them.

ps: make sure you don’t have the same script multiple times. Namespaces are only partly supported. Your MonoBehaviour classnames still have to be unique.