Scripting question

Greetings! I am a n00b to Unity Scripting and have a question. There is a tutorial I am following:

Thusfar I have followed it completely yet when pressing “play”, which the tutorial mentions is in the lower left hand corner when in fact it is at the top center.

I get nothing but a blue screen with no sign of the ability to move around the plane and cube I have just created. The Move1 script clearly shows as being attached to the main camera as well. Any ideas that would help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Did you save the script? Sometimes I’ll attach it and forget to hit save

I did save. “Play” still yields blue :frowning:

Okay, I just solved this issue. It’s all about positioning the main camera so that it can see the objects in the tutorial. This is not specified, and it took about 10 minutes in the x, y, z views to position the sucker properly. Interesting that the main camera isn’t aiming at the default position of created objects, or am I missing something?

Thanks for your help all the same!