Scripting Resources

hey everybody, i am trying to learn scripting in unity (preferably Javascript) i have looked in the scripting manual for help but cant find anything that helps. Anyone know some good resources or tutorials? plz help thnx

have a look at these answers

The book which is linked there teaches some scripting in JS and the reddit page links to a lot of tutorials. Most tutorials are about starting in unity in general, but there is definitely some unity-specific JS-scripting covered in most of them. The youtube user (cannedmushrooms) which is mentioned in the above linked answers seems also a good source to learn scripting.

take a look at scripting tutorial. unfortunately most of the javascript tutorials on the web are for the web browser java script and teach it's classes but you can learn the syntax of that language there and there is no difference but those web browser classes are not available to use here. MSDN java script guide this is a good resource by microsoft's js has some small differences. i found this tutorial on the web. google for "javascript tutorials" and find more. also you can take a look at action script tutorials. the language's syntax is easy and you'll learn soon.