Scripts don't update in Unity

I’m using visual studio and am having a very annoying problem right now. When I save my scripts in visual studio they do not always update in the Unity inspector. For example, I create a brand new project and make a brand new script in it . In the brand new script I make a public int and make it equal some value (then I save the script). Then I attach the brand new script to a brand new object. The public int does not show on the script (on the object, in the inspector). To solve this, I have to make an issue in the script (like typing random letters), then save, then fix it, then save again. If the public int still doesn’t show up, I have to do it again until it does. Right now, in my main project, I have to have a debug.log statement in every start function in every script. Every time I edit that script I have to change whats in the debug.log to make sure the script actually updated. This usually takes 3 or 4 tries of updating whats in the debug.log for it to actually change in the inspector (and yes I save the script every time I change it). I already checked that auto refresh enabled. I hope somebody else has had this problem and knows a solution because it is super annoying and makes simple tasks take so long to do.

this is a bad problem i never see before ;

did u check “Editor Attaching” in Edit >>> Pereference >> External Tools ?