Scripts in Animation

I Search for scripts in animation in a search engine and they all come up with the same thing. i need to know how scripts is used as a tool in animation. Any Help would be appreciated and this is URGENT!

Well, if you need an object to move from place to place, you can use the rotate and move using transform.translate...

I'd recommend checking iTween, it helps with animation of things like that...

If you need like player animation and stuff like that, I'd suggest Blender because it's free, but if you have money to spare, than most 3D Modeling software comes with animations (I perfer 3Ds Max).

Unless you mean, how can you trigger a script from within an animation? In which case you'd use the Animation Event stuff in the Animation editor window.

If it's an animation that comes with the model itself, you will have to duplicate it to be able to edit in the Animation Window. Assign the Script you will be using to the same GameObject with the animations, and then just create Animation Events in the Animation Window with corresponding function you want to call.