Scripts in StreamingAssets folder not opening with MonoDevelop?!

Hi everyone.

This problem is starting to make me crazy! I can’t open any of the scripts I put in the StreamingAssets folder in MonoDevelop. It opens in my default editor outside Unity. I have made sure MonoDevelop is set as my default editor in the preferences. I even reinstalled Unity.
My biggest problem is that when I open the script in monoDevelop, it does not find the Unity libraries. So I cant use the auto-complete functions.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, please let me know!

Edit: This only happens in the StreamingAssets folder. If I create a script and put it anywhere else, it works as expected.

you can copy the script with strg/ctr + c
you open MonoDevelop and strg/ctr + v

The StreamingAssets folder is for things that should not be included in your project but simply shipped with the final build as it is. So scripts inside that folder are not compiled and can not be used in the project at all. All you could do with them is loading the text of the script at runtime, but you can not compile or use the script at runtime as this requires the compiler which is part of the editor.