Scripts losing association after updating independent asset

I am having a strange problem with script associations and wanted to see if anybody had any ideas -

I created a scene that uses scripts from version 1.1 of an asset Asset Store. I then save out that scene to a Unity package separate from that Asset Store asset. When I load that scene back into Unity everything works great and gets associated correctly as long as that Asset Store asset is within the project directory.

The asset on the Asset Store is then updated to version 1.2 and if I import both the asset and the scene separately then the script associations are lost. I get a bunch of “The associated script can not be loaded. Please fix any compile errors and assign a valid script.” on the MonoBehaviour components that were from the Asset Store asset. There are no compile errors.

The strange part is that if I start with version 1.1 of that Asset Store asset, import the scene, then import version 1.2 of the Asset Store asset everything works great. No files were added/removed from the Asset Store asset when it was updated to version 1.2.

I have tried reimporting the assets and deleting the meta files but nothing seems to work. If I manually assign the MonoBehaviour component then the scene exports correctly again but the scripts should be able to stay associated across updates.

Anybody have any ideas?

Thanks for any help,

This can happen if the meta files changed between versions 1.1 and 1.2. This could happen if the developer deleted a script file from the project and then dropped it back in, or moved it in the OS or version control (which would break the meta file link). Unity assigns a GUID to every asset, including scripts, and records it in the asset’s meta file. If the GUIDs have changed, your scene may be referencing the old GUIDs. It’s possible that when you import 1.2 on top of 1.1 Unity retains the old GUIDs. You can examine the meta files to confirm.