Scripts Not Showing On Components->Scripts Menu

I am following the 2d Roguelike Tutorial On Unity 5.1.0f on a MB with MacOS Yosemite. I get a lot of different UI things from the tutorial guy’s screen, but I am currently stuck on the part he selects the wall prefabs and assigns them a Wall script. I can not see the scripts I have created, I can only see the Tutorial Assets ones.

There are two likely causes for this type of problem. Open the offending script for editing.

First, make sure MovingObject is a MonoBehaviour.

public class MovingObject : MonoBehaviour

Then check the name of the class. Did you misspell it? The name of the class and the file must be exactly the same, including capitalization.

If you’ve completed both checks, try dragging the script from the project window onto the GameObject you are trying to attach it to. That will give you an error that may explain why Unity does’t recognize it as a component.

This is old. but maybe this will help someone:

If you have ANY compile errors, it will prevent all of your programs from showing up when you do add component/scripts. I got fooled by this, too.