Scroll rects inside another scroll rect.


I have a scroll rect on my canvas, which basically makes it possible for a user to swipe his finger horizontally to change pages.

On one of those pages, I would like to have a vertically scrollable text.

My problem is that the two scroll rects (the vertical one and the horizontal one) won’t work together. If I add the scroll rect script to one of my pages (which is basically a panel), that page will only accept input that controls the vertical scroll rect.

Is there a way to make them both work simultaneously?

Here’s my take on the solution by @CaptainSchnittchen. I wanted to get rid of the upwards traversal of the hierarchy, as our project will run on mobile devices with limited processing power. So i got rid of that by letting the developer assign up to 1 ScrollRect as parent, and delegate the event as the original solution, but without using the System.Action delegate pattern (in order to avoid garbage generation). My solution consists of 2 files, the ScrollRectNested component and the ScrollRectNestedEditor editor class. The editor is needed as I’m adding a new property and the standard ScrollRectEditor wont draw it by default.

This post on the Forums should help you:

To detect the scroll has reached the end is ok but when it comes to like I have 4 scroll rect in my project and they are aligned like one is parent scrollrect and others are there chid of that parent scroll but the problem is that after the first scroll child go to the last position it do not go to the second child of the parent scroll. What can I do to achieve that?? Is there any method that I can call to activate the parent scroll which will go to the Second child of the parent scroll and Vise-versa???