scroll View centering.

I want to make a navigation wheel such that if i scroll that wheel, the item at the centre gets displayed somewhere on the screen. I cant figure out how to do the centering.
i tried making another scroll view with different labels in it and then making this scroll view a child of the original scroll view but that makes all the labels in the child view disappear.

can anyone give any examples or suggestions on how to achieve this?

i shall rephrase the question.

Centering is pretty easy to do. just add a UIcenteronchild script to the scroll view and voila! you have a scroll view that will snap a sprite(or label or anything as long as it is a child of the scroll view) to the center position while scrolling.

Now the problem is that of displaying the centered label somewhere else on the scene. for example if the scroll shows the letter “A” in is center then it should display “A” on the scene too and so on.

now, can someone give any examples or any suggestions on how to achieve this?
Thanks in advance.