Scroll wheel speed setting ignored in Chrome

Hi Folks,

Here’s our first Unity project published with Unity WebGL: link text

I’m using Rendra’s Ultimate Orbit Camera asset which works great. It has a setting for Zoom Speed which is behaving in FireFox (slow & smooth), but is being ignored in Chrome, where the speed of zooming with the scroll wheel is way too sensitive. Try my link in both browsers.

Any ideas why it would work in one browser but not the other? Does Chrome handle scroll wheel differently than Firefox? My client reports this is the case in both Mac and PC and with different mice. Any leads are greatly appreciated.


WebGL and WebPlayer aren’t fully functional in Chrome yet. Chrome can’t even play WebPlayer games and the WebGL games mostly don’t work proberly.

Hi, I am also facing similar issue with webplayer,Hi, I am facing with webplayer as it is also not working in my web browser.