Scrollable area in custom editor window

Hello community!

I am working on a custom editor window the purpose of which is editing state machine-like structure: there will be some nodes with different properties and connections between them.

The best way to describe what I want to get is Animator window: some controls and a large area where you can drag states and connect them.

And at this point I’m stuck: how am I able to make area like this? The best solution I’ve found is EditorGUILayout.BeginScrollView, but it’s not exactly what I want.

Any ideas while I keep reading documentation and trying different crazy ideas?

Uhm, I’m not entirely sure what exactly you need. But you can have a look at my UVViewer editor window. Just select a gameobject with a meshrenderer while the window is open.

If you generally want just an infinite dragable GUI area, just use two nested GUI Groups ^^. I’ve thrown together such a thing in the past. Of course you have to implement the scrolling yourself, but that’s not too hard.