ScrollBar Button Not Showing

Hi, I have custom gui skin for scroll view, scroll bar, scroll bar thumb, scroll bar up button, scroll bar down button.
But the button (up & down) never show up.
I search and found no answered similar question here. So is the button not supported yet? Or I must change something to make it shown?

Hahaha. I stumbled on the solution accidentally.
After changing the images for the scroll view, scroll bar, the thumb, button scroll bar:

  • First I set all border, padding, margin, overflow values for all of them to 0.
  • To make sure the button up/down or left/right show up, the border value & overflow must be changed. Just adjust the value while playing.
  • Then on the scroll bar, adjust the padding value to match the button.
    There the button show up and can be used accordingly.

I just found the answer.
First change the images for scrollbar, thumb, buttons.
Set all the border, padding, overflow, margin value to 0
Then change the buttons, border and overflow value to show up the button
Then change the padding of scrollbar to make sure the thumb is not behind the button
That’s all