Scrollbar Up/Down buttons

Can I add up/down arrows to scrollbar? I add image to “Vertical Scrollbar Up Button” and to “Vertical Scrollbar Down Button” (Normal, Hover, Active), but it’s not work.

Maybe you forgot to attach the GUISkin to your script. You can create GUISkin by right- clicking from the project panel. Declare a guiskin in your script. When you look it up in the inspector there is an empty slot, you drag the guiskin asset there.

it’s simple;
vSliderValue = GUI.VerticalSlider(new Rect(25, Screen.height - 110, 10, 70), vSliderValue, 250.0f, 0.0f,StyleThrottle, StyleThumbThrottle);

after that, assign in StyleThrottle, the Normal Background Texuture Properties, and StyleThumbThrottle do the same thing, and set the Fixed Heigth properties of StyleThumbThrottle to 10.