Scrolling only in game, not webpage.

I'm creating an FPS shooter and the player needs to focus the window, and use the scrollwheel to change weapons. Unfortunatly when the user scrolls, the page also scrolls down! Is there a way to make sure the page doesn't scroll when the Unity player is focussed?

The implementation of this depends on the OS and browser, so it would be helpful to know what you are using. On Mac OS X, specifically, the old plugin API does not provide any way to pass or accept scroll wheel events. We still get them, by querying the mouse hardware directly, but there's no way to snatch them away from the browser, so that the window won't move. In this case, there is indeed not other solution, then making the window smaller, or providing alternative input controls. There is a newer API, which we use in Safari on Mac OS X 10.6, which does not have this issue.

That's strange, I use a scroll wheel in our menu system and I don't see it lose focus.

I guess the simple solution is to have the game be embedded in a page that is too short to need to scroll. That's probably not a solution for you, however. I suppose you could use javascript to disable scrolling..."hidden";

should work for most browsers.