Scrolling Scroll Rect with Buttons

I am trying to create something like the following for my level selection

So, I want to allow the player to scroll through the levels by clicking the left/right arrows.

By using Scroll Rect I can create something like this easily. However, I don’t see a way to implement the buttons instead of a drag or scrollbar.

I tried creating two Buttons at a higher level than the Scroll Rect (so they aren’t scrolled out of view as well).

However, I don’t see what function I can call in my On Click in order to scroll the Scroll Rect.

Anyone know if this is possible?

Thank you

use UI.ScrollRect.horizontalNormalizedPosition.

Modify ScrollRect.velocity property as per your need when you click button.

Set ScrollRect.decelerationRate for smoothness as per your need.

or change position of content of scrollrect

This video explain how to do this:

Anyone still looking for answer I created a github repository with a sample scene.