Scrolling Text (For Updates)

I’ve been trying to use a few methods to make text scroll from right to left and repeat when it hits the edge of the screen but I can’t seem to figure it out. I’d like to be able to post news/updates and have it scroll across the top of the screen. Are there any tuts on this?

you can either choose the gui or a gameobject as guitexture. Then create a script attach it to the guitexture gameobject on scene or if you use the gui attach it to an empty gameobject.

Then your player script or whatever need this script reference. In the text script make a public method like
public bool popupdates(string msg){

Guitext.text = msg;
This.gameobject.transform.position = new Vector(firstPosition);
Activate =true;
// enabled = true; or something to show it
Bool Activate = false;
Float xpos_factor = 2.0f;
Void Update(){
If (this.gameobject.transform.position.x < maxPos.x){
Gameobject.transform.translate(xpos_factor * Time.deltatime,0,0);
//Do something like a delay
If ( ! Delay() ){
// delay done
Activate = false;
// enabled = false; or hide it
Return true; // success

Bool Delay(){
// to do

Sorry for every mistake i am using an iphone… Good luck