ScrollRect bahaving weirdly

I have problems getting my ScrollRect to work.
Every time I drag it when I am in Play mode it just goes back where I started to begin dragging.
The MovementType is set to Elastic so it smoothly goes back to where I dragged it but I don’t want this behaviour.
I want to scroll to the whole content of my scrollRect.
If I set the MovementType to Unrestricted it lets me scroll through the whole contents but then it does not stop at the corners and I lose the content.
So my question is why does the scrolling getting “blocked” when MovementType is set to Elastic and how can I get it to work?
I have searched the internet for a solution but can’t seem to find anyone who has the same problem.

The panel with the ScrollRect:

The List which is the content:

The Canvas:

The content is set as a child of the panel (The ScrollRect) and this is set as a child of the canvas.
Thanks for any help!

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