scrollrect dose not response

i attach a image to the scrollrect gameobject, and attach event trigger to that image, i can not drag the image agin, i want a list that has 10 gun to choose, when i click the gun, i want to change the character’s gun, but when i drag the list, i just want to scroll the gun list. what should i do to the scrollrect ?

According to the documentation for EventTrigger:

Attaching this component to a GameObject will make that object intercept ALL events, and no event bubbling will occur from this object!

My approach has been to create a helper component that implements the OnSelect and OnDeselect handlers, like so:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using UnityEngine.EventSystems;

    public class SelectableEventHelper : MonoBehaviour, ISelectHandler, IDeselectHandler {
    	Selectable selectable;
    	public string name;

    	void Start () {
    		selectable = gameObject.GetComponent<Selectable>();
    	public void OnSelect(BaseEventData data) {
    		Debug.Log("selected " + name);
    	public void OnDeselect(BaseEventData data) {
    		Debug.Log("deselected " + name);

With this helper class attached to each of the objects in my scrollview, I get notified of changes in selection but the events related to scrolling still bubble up appropriately.