ScrollView Background image question

I would like to create something like a bookshelf that allows users to scroll up/down as well as left and right. For this i am currently using a scrollview which works perfectly fine.

I can also use a background image etc. however what i would like to add are shelf boards however i am struggling with achieving this.
I do not want to add these to each content section since it would mean the board is cut off if not an entire row is filled with books. Having the boards being part of the background image makes the books scroll infront of the boards which also looks crappy.

Basically what i would need is to assign a background image for each of the rows which scrolls up / but not left and right only scrolls the conten of the column left and right.

Is this a functionality unity provides out of the box ?

Probably a few ways to skin this one. Here’s a thought or two…

You can put a scroll view inside a scroll view?
Outer one would be up / down (vertical).
So the inner one would be just a left / right (horizontal) for each bookshelf?
You’ll need a bit of scripting to manage the books in / out (and limits) of the shelf.
The shelf board can be an image in between the horizontal scroll views.

Take a look at vertical layout component for the outer scroll view as well. Might help you with dynamically adding a shelf (horizontal scroll view) and shelf board prefab as an when needed (more and more books).

Remember also, as well as the hierarchy of game objects you can tweak the “z” position of an image to get it to appear in front / behind others.