ScrollView/ScrollRect scrolling "refresh" event?

i have a question that refers to the possibilities of ScrollViews / Scrollrects in Unity.
Is it possible to get a similar result like [this] (Pull To Refresh Banking Apps by Amirul Hakim on Dribbble “Link to Dribble”) ?

I created a ScrollView with the “Movement Type” elastic so this works partly. But is there an event that triggers when i “scroll too far?”

Yes you can achieve that same result, unfortunately scrollRect is a bit limited in that regard, so what I do is to have 2 objects relative to the top position of the scrollRect panel and one object relative to the top position of the Content panel, then calculate their distance.
I then calculate the distance on the event:


    private void OnScrollRectChange(Vector2 position)
        if (loading || !enableScrollLoadMore)

        // Detect if more messages should be loaded
        if (loadMoreObjectPosition.transform.position.y < loadMorePivotBottom.transform.position.y - 20)
            Debug.Log("Load more relics");

You could also use the position vector2 param of the event to observe the value of the scrolling and use that, just be careful because that value is relative to the size of the content and will vary depending on it.