Sculpting tutorial videos for blender (link)

What do you think about mastering sculpting in blender. Is it worth my money?

Practice is the only real way to master anything. If you’re not already familiar with blender and you need a course that will show you the bare minimum to get started that video series might cover the basics in the mere twelve hours it lasts but inserting the word “mastering” is a very common marketing tactic.

Basically if you’re looking to improve your knowledge of blender it might help but if you’re looking for a way to become a better sculptor you’re going to need something more substantial. A quick search for sculpting classes turned up classes that are a few months with weekly sessions lasting a few hours each. Twelve hours is nothing compared to that.


Since this seems to begin and end at sculpting, it's probably not that helpful. I don't see anything on retopology or baking, and those require way more guidance than sculpting.

Sculpting is probably the easiest thing to do in blender, but there are a bunch of things to get caught on (which are usually common sculpting troubles anyway). Play with dyntopo to learn how to get the right level of detail (poly count) when you need it. Play with the brushes to learn how they all differ. Play with using multiple objects and how to block out the shapes you want and how to prep meshes for sculpting (SpeedSculpt can help, but you don't need to throw money at it until you know you need it). A couple hours of doing that and you'll have a good idea of how to get most things done.

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It looks like a good investment.
But I think, that you should play around, with blenders sculpting mode
and familiarise yourself with it first.
Then, check out some free, blender sculpting youtube tuts and learn
some cool stuff.

And then if you want, you could buy that Mastering Sculpting dvd/video.
I have no doubt, that product is worth the money.
And even I am kinda curious, to check it out too.

There is already lot of videos on internet teaching how to sculpt in Blender and they are free.

I got some modeling video tutorials made by industry artists, some was great because they got tricks and tips; or some usefull workflow to get some things done faster and more efficiently.
But for sculpting alone , it's really about learning the basics first, and next start learning videos appropriated for what you want to do , like cartoon or realistic characters or creatures, props, hard surface or concepting.

I was able to buy the video for 10 USD from Udemy. Udemy is having a mother's day sale, everything is 10 USD.

Does anyone recommend anything from Udemy? Something for me to look at and consider.

What do you want to learn ? Once you know, you can choose the right product.

I learned digital painting already. I know how to use blender's interface. I have the tutorial on sculpting. I already know how to do retopology. I have a book on making textures, but would like to advance my knowledge on it. I learned figure drawing, but need to know certain things. Fat, Age and body types is needed. I know how to create unique monsters. I know the fundamentals to animation, both 3D and 2D, but could expand on some knowledge here. Something that's missing is specific animations to learn, similar to specific poses to learn. I also need specific poses. I need costumes, I will look on udemy. I have big stack of beginner manga books, but never learned it. When it comes to cartoonish art, I think I have to stick with my own design, but will learn manga. Something that's missing is sculpting hard surface objects. I know fundamentals on light, and have a book for that subject to expand my knowledge when ready.

I am currently going through a book filled with assignments for me to draw.

My goal is to be able to create custom 3D models for people. I want to create 3D environments, and human characters. I also will be making monsters. (Organics).

Other than rendering scenes, it looks like I almost have what I need.

It's already been 1 year. I am expecting at least 1 year of practice.

Knowledge is power!

blenderguru is great. Thank you for shareing the link.

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There are many different body types. And even in some cases, when
comparing for example, two fat dudes, or two strong dudes, with similar
muscle/body structure, no two would look exactly the same, to one another.
This is where you can get creative, when you’re sculpting peoples
body/muscle structures. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are going for scultping, Zbrush is miles away ahead of Blender, the triangulation is better, it is lot more faster and can handle million polygons better than Blender without slowing down.
The difference between Blender and Zbrush for scultpting is night and day.
I use Blender for hard surface, unwrap and animation only, all scultping is Zbrush and sometimes 3D Coat.