SD/HD sprites?

Are you planning to develop something for SD/HD sprites management? (simpler than AssetBundle variants)

Yes we do have a solution in development. It wasn't ready to go into this release but should be coming in Experimental Preview 2

That's great! I can't wait!

I'm using a temporary workaround for my project until you release your solution. It may be useful for someone else, so I'm sharing it:

looking forward!

It hasn't been mentioned in the release notes of the experimental preview 2 ( Will it be there in the next preview?

Yes, it should be in the next preview. First half of November.

We are now in May 2017. Can you tell us what the status quo is?

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The new sprite atlas asset is described here and appears to be releasing with 2017.1. I don't believe that they have the resizing implemented yet, but in a future beta of 2017.1.

Can we use this with Spritesheets?

The Sprite Atlas is available to try out in the latest beta Unity 2017.1.0b3.
Resizing can be done by creating a Variant atlas.and assigning a Master to it.
You can assign Folders, Textures or individual sprites to the Master Atlas.

Thanks a lot, will try it out!

I have reached to this thread, by following multiple threads in the forum which deal with HD/SD resolution support in Unity. Is new Sprite Atlas, the way forward to handle this?

Pardon me if the question I raised is wrong, I am new to Unity Asset bundle pipeline and looking to gather as much information as I can before I change my whole game around for it.

Sprite Atlas is one of the solutions for HD/SD sprites. It's currently in the 2017.1 beta, so you can give it a try.